21 Things I Learnt When I Turned 21

It was my birthday a couple of weeks ago and I’ve been thinking about what I’ve learnt as I step into adulthood. So here’s some advice… I’m older but probably still not much wiser.

  1. Know your self worth
  2. Set mini goals along the way to hitting milestones
  3. Believe in yourself – you got this
  4. Fake being confident until you truly feel it
  5. Spend time however the hell you want to (that might include binge watching Netflix with a lot of cheese)
  6. Animals are better than (most) humans
  7. Nothing will feel any different with your bestest friends, even if you live 100 miles away, when you catch up it will be right back to where you left off
  8. Trust your gut instinct
  9. Similarly, be aware of red flags and notice when people point them out
  10. Gin is the best spirit on Earth
  11. I couldn’t survive mornings without coffee (don’t talk to me until I’ve had one)
  12. Life is too short — eat the damn cake
  13. You will regret wearing high heels approximately 30 minutes after putting them on
  14. “Who cares?!” — try not to be so self conscious and care about what people think
  15. The most important things in life are not materialistic “things”
  16. Jagerbombs are never a good idea
  17. Read, as often as possible
  18. Drawing a black line across my eyelid genuinely does make me feel like I’ve got my shit together
  19. Singing (loudly) when nobody is home is basically therapy
  20. Don’t overthink
  21. I’m getting old….

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