16th December 2016 – the first date of The 1975’s arena tour that fully sold out. I was lucky enough to get some tickets with my cousin and we went to London for the weekend to watch these absolute babes perform.The arena was absolutely buzzing from start to finish, with people of all ages waiting to see the band perform. They played a really wide range of songs ranging from ‘I Like It When You Sleep, For You Are So Beautiful, Yet So Unaware Of It’, their first self-titled album and even some of their oldest, lesser known tracks such as ‘Milk’ and ‘Fallingforyou’ off of their EP’s. It was really nice to see them perform a variety of songs, as I was expecting them to just cover the new album, but they really covered all bases.


What I particularly liked was that they used the specific colour scheme related to the song at the time, for instance, when they played “The City” and “Sex” they reverted back to their original monochrome colours and this lighting was used throughout. However when they played their most recent songs, the pastel pink colour scheme was apparent once again.

During the show, Matt spoke about recent events including the monstrosity that is Brexit and Donald Trump’s victory in America. During the chat, he mentioned the fact that we are all united and should all stand together. He touched upon how grateful they are, as a band, to be playing sell out arenas. This really resonated with me as I first saw this band back in 2013 at Leeds Festival when all they had was a tiny tent with an overflowing crowd; and now here they were stood at one of the country’s biggest venues with no spare tickets. They really have stayed so humble and true to themselves which I absolutely love – they are unwilling to change or be something that they aren’t.


During the gig, a couple actually got engaged, which was really lovely! Matt wanted to personally congratulate the couple by giving them a hug. He joked around saying “You picked a good song for it, mate”. He drank red wine throughout the whole show, just like he usually does, which I just find funny. I really do love this band and can’t wait to see them again sometime, if you get the chance to see them then definitely go.


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