It’s here again – Valentines Day

This post is acknowledging the existence of Valentines Day and asking – why?

If you’ve got that special someone in your life (*looks at dog*) then surely you’re supposed to make them feel loved 365 days of the year? Except that Tuesday night when they stole all of the bed covers… let’s try to forget about that.

I’m not just saying this because i’m single (ha) but seriously, what is the hype with Valentines Day?  Everywhere is fully booked, everything is expensive and it’s just a bit shit. What happened to cute mid week date nights and sentimental gestures? Now it’s all about a bouquet of roses from Moonpig and a Pandora ring. Thanks, but no thanks. All of a sudden, Valentines Day got super materialistic and that’s not cool.

A gift that swears and compliments at the same time. YES.

If you’re sat at home feeling sad about Valentines day, then don’t. It’s an overrated sucky day that makes single people feel more single and get drunk and that also makes couples either A) PDA 10x more or B) feel that their relationship doesn’t live up to social media’s expectations and that maybe they’re a bit crap just because all they did was stay in and order a takeaway, instead of going to Paris. I’m not gonna lie, option 1 is preferable.

So pour yourself another drink and kick back with Parks and Rec or something. Pancake day is just around the corner.

Leslie Knope inspo


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